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Reduce the stress of caring about how you manage mental health

Amplify offers 1:1 employee support, advice on complex cases, workshops & unique data-led strategies to help HR teams get back to what they do best.

Find out more about a service that specifically supports HR teams, managers and employees


Gain quick access

to credible clinicians


Save time, stress

& minimise risks


Gain reassurance

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burnout risk

Trying to address mental health issues often involves highly emotive and sometimes disturbing content. Without sufficient experience or specialist training and support, HR teams can find their confidence and efficiency at work impacted, leading ultimately to burnout.


HR teams already have a lot to juggle: a core role to undertake, deadlines to meet and ever-changing business challenges to tackle. Managing complex mental health scenarios without specific training, experience and support shouldn’t be your day-to-day responsibility.


Unfortunately, mental health can and does deteriorate, often as a result of a combination of factors including adverse life events and difficult workplace contexts. Without access to specialist clinical advice the worry about 'making things worse' can remain and undermine performance.

HR professionals are not clinically trained

Without the necessary skills and training needed to handle complex mental health-related incidents, problems can escalate and HR teams are at risk of feeling overwhelmed.


Focus on creating operationally successful and psychologically healthy workplaces

Amplify offers a combination of clinical intervention alongside data-driven analytics to help take the worry out of mental health, attract the best talent and maintain a workforce geared towards long term success.

Find out more about a service that specifically supports HR teams, managers and employees


Dr Melinda Rees


Dr Stacey Hemmings


Stuart John Chuan


Dr Juspreet Dhanoa

Reduce the stress of caring by accessing Amplify's consultation and 1:1 employee support on complex and challenging cases. We are a group of highly qualified psychologists with experience in public and private sectors.

HR and manager specific support
for directors and teams who care

Amplify at a glance

By using consultation to access the right support at the right time, HR professionals and managers can ensure employees get the support they need whilst maintaining their own sense of equilibrium


The average time in 2020/2021 from 1:1 referral to first contact with an Amplify clinical psychologist.


The average time from first contact to an appointment with an Amplify clinical psychologist.

*For existing clients


The number of HR and manager consultations Amplify have carried out across 3 organisations.


Inspiring client stories

Our partnerships are driven by the dedication and purpose of the HR Directors and teams we are working with.

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At Convex, Health and Wellbeing is particularly important to us and is a key part of our employee value proposition. Being on top of health and wellbeing issues has become even more important during the recent pandemic where our colleagues could be feeling isolated, suffering from loss and a whole different way of working without typical support mechanisms around them.

We wanted to find a way to support our colleagues through some of these challenging moments and that is where Amplify came in. Knowing we have the opportunity to engage and consult with trained professionals who can really help people on an individual basis as well as run learning sessions to educate on health and wellbeing topics has become fundamentally important in how we care for our employees.

If other companies were to look for similar support, which can be tailored to their specific requirements, I would not hesitate to recommend Amplify - working in partnership with them has been a game changer for us and the quality of their team, particularly Stacey Hemmings, is a clear differentiator to other providers. ”


1. Quick

Quick access to clinically trained psychologists for employees provides immediate psychological support for colleagues in distress and gives HR teams the headspace to focus on their HR roles and responsibilities.

2. Increased understanding

Professional consultation provides an expert opinion that helps HR professionals and teams think through and understand complex incidents with the support of high-level evidence-based skills and experience.

3. Concrete

Access to clinically trained psychologists enables employees, HR professionals, teams and managers to draw on tried and tested strategies for approaching difficult conversations and reaching safe and healthy solutions.

A proven roadmap to take the stress out of caring about how to manage mental health

Amplify Psychologists can help employees, HR professionals and managers regain a sense of control and feeling of safety in relation to mental health, improving their wellbeing and increasing performance.


HR teams and managers should feel
relaxed and supported

HR professionals and managers are looked to for help from anxious, stressed employees and leadership teams who expect solutions to problems that often have their roots in complex personal and cultural issues including grief, alcohol dependency, low mood, difficult life events, anxiety and more.

Let Amplify share the responsibility with you. Our psychologists can stand alongside you to help you design and deliver an organisational culture that takes mental health seriously. From offering 1:1 employee support and workshops all the way through to consulting on complex HR cases, unique data insights and mental health strategy, Amplify is there to reduce the stress and help you to focus on creating operationally successful and psychologically healthy workplaces.


What our clients say

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“Working with Amplify felt like a true partnership. Any company who is serious about mental health support will find a good partner in Amplify.”


Reduce the stress of caring about how you manage mental health

Amplify Psychologists help HR professionals and managers to regain a sense of control and feeling of safety in relation to caring about how they manage mental health at work.

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