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Unlock employee potential with expert mental health support. 


Amplify offers 1:1 sessions, advice on complex situations, workshops & unique data-led strategies so people teams can focus on what they do best.

Get quick access 

to credible clinicians.

Save time, stress

& minimise risks.

Gain reassurance

& boost confidence.


Number of referrals for 1:1 mental health support with an Amplify Psychologist. 

Amplify at a glance

284 advice sessions*

Number of manager and HR advice sessions with an Amplify Psychologist 

* Data correct as of 6th April 2023

4.95 out of 5 stars*

We are highly rated by the employees, managers and people teams who use our services.


Quick access to highly trained psychologists provides confidential and immediate 1:1 support for employees in distress.

Advice on complex

Advice for managers and people teams on how to handle complex mental health situations.


Workshops, data driven insights and honest conversations to support the change process around mental health.

A proven roadmap

A team of highly experienced psychologists

Amplify_23(02 of 110)_edited.jpg

Dr Stacey Hemmings

Amplify_23(07 of 110)_edited.jpg

Dr Roger Duncliffe

Amplify_23(17 of 110)_edited.jpg

Dr Juspreet Dhanoa

Amplify_23(26 of 110)_edited.jpg

Dr Katalin Hajdu

Amplify_23(31 of 110)_edited.jpg

Stuart John Chuan

Amplify_23(13 of 110)_edited.jpg

Dr Sebastian Townsend

Amplify_23(28 of 110)_edited.jpg

Dr Melinda Rees

Amplify_23(96 of 110)_edited.jpg

Dr Veronica Ranieri

What our clients say

"I was super impressed and am really thankful that I got in touch and that this service was made available to me. It was all very easy and accessible which meant I have taken action much sooner than if this wasn't provided in-house. I feel like I have averted a future blow up by intervening now."

Amplify_23(69 of 110)_websize_edited.jpg

Let’s navigate mental 
health, together.

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