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Some of the products we have delivered for clients 

Brief Containment

Advice and Signposting

This is most akin to an intervention/therapy session - perhaps akin to a single session solution focused therapy intervention. Will also have elements of motivational interviewing. May require one or two follow up sessions to close the 'deal' as a 'win' or 'loss'.

Claims & Referral Advocacy

Usually a one off or small number of sessions focused on providing practical hep and reassurance to employees. Often this relates to how employees can improve their own self care, or how they can best help a friend or family member who is struggling with their emotional health.


We help employees to maximise what they can get from the company PMI, where there may be a difficulty in getting employees needs met through the PMI package and they need clinical advocacy. This could be, for example, our practitioners understanding what clinical language needs to be used in order to tick the right boxes for the claim. Equally, we may need to do a similar activity for private or NHS referrals. This is all a way to improve access to the right care, and so we may end up increasing successful PMI claims OR we may end up diverting away from PMI  because we clinically understand that the need does not meet the criteria for the PMI offer and there is a more appropriate service elsewhere.


We provide training on all aspects of mental health to individuals and teams across all areas of the business dependent on need. Examples sessions might include working with staff groups on how to stay emotionally healthy or working with managers on how to create a psychologically informed environment for there team. 

Crisis Management 

In the event of an employee having a mental health crisis at work we will be on hand to help manage the crisis so as to ensure the best possible outcome  for the employee concerned.  We also provide organisational and individual support in the event of an employee suicide or attempted suicide. 


Products: Services

We provide insights and consultancy to our clients on all aspects of mental health and well-being. We find this works best when the consultancy required pertains to a specific question as opposed to vague broad brush ideas. 


Very helpful

I think we are very fortunate to have such a service in house - very easy to use and confidential. Whilst my meeting was to explore the service further on behalf of a team member with issues, I realise I have exhibited signs of stress in the past.  It would have been very helpful to have this service then and I welcome it now. 

An employee

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