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Three Ways HR Professionals Derive Value from our Mental Health Expertise

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

In the course of our work here at Amplify we've noticed that some of our most valuable and satisfying work lies in our relationships with the HR professionals employed by our host organisation. Specifically, the feedback from the HR teams we support suggests there are three things in particular they value from having our psychologists onsite and working alongside them in supporting the well-being needs of the organisation.

  1. Immediate access to trusted clinical expertise readily available to provide rapid clinical assessment and support to employees in mental health crises, or to help in situations where an employee’s mental health is clearly deteriorating. HR professionals are not then left trying to manage clinical presentations and situations they are not qualified to manage, and can focus on their core HR responsibilities and tasks.

  2. Employees’ mental health needs are appropriately cared for in the most containing and time efficient way. 

  3. Directly supporting the emotional impact for HR professionals. Even before the catastrophic impact of Covid 19 the emotional burden connected to many HR roles was significant and levels of burnout high. Providing confidential, non judgemental, reflective practice spaces for HR professionals helps them to process, understand and effectively manage the emotional impact their roles have on them personally. This has been warmly welcomed by many at all levels. 

In sum, we have found value in helping HR teams to support others and themselves more effectively.

Reduce the stress of caring about how you manage mental health

After a 3-months long open dialogue with over 20 HR directors and senior managers, Amplify recently launched the HR and Manager Consultation programme, a pioneering service that specifically helps HR teams and managers reduce the stress of caring about how they manage mental health at work.

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