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Four Reasons Employees like Easy Access to Onsite Mental Health Support

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

1. It is incredibly convenient and easy to access, they can get help without having to fill out forms or make lots of complicated arrangements. Plus, (Covid restrictions aside) they have much more choice and control over how they are seen (f2f, video, phone) and indeed when. This brings a sense of control to what can be a scary prospect. 

2. They know and trust that our psychologists are entirely confidential, neutral, and non-judgemental. Nothing they say is shared with their employer. This gives people a true sense of psychological safety. 

3. Often individuals know they need some help, they just don’t know what kind of help they need or how to access it.  How are they (or their employers) supposed to know their CBT from their DBT therapists or their schema therapists from their integrative counsellors? Even if they do, how do they know if that person is a good fit for them?  Or if they are appropriately qualified? Relatedly, how do individuals know what subtle but smart lifestyle changes they could make that would dramatically improve their overall wellbeing and work performance? The simple fact of being able to get all these answers from a trusted, confidential source is hugely helpful for people. 

4. Even if an employee is not struggling with their own mental health they are often deeply concerned about their loved ones, friends or colleagues. Having easy access to mental health expertise can help individuals to more effectively support themselves and someone of concern. Whether that’s through reassurance, problem solving or clinically informed advice and guidance.

Reduce the stress of caring about how you manage mental health

After a 3-months long open dialogue with over 20 HR directors and senior managers, Amplify recently launched the HR and Manager Consultation programme, a pioneering service that specifically helps HR teams and managers reduce the stress of caring about how they manage mental health at work.

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