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You want to create the ideal environment & experience for your teams to perform their best for the company. We also know that Mental Health is a priority and that you want to make sure you choose the best, always.

Us too.

Together, we can prevent more. Together we can succeed in creating mental health solutions that work. They work because they are personal, smart and accessible.


We know that you care


CEAG: Our preventative & holistic approach working at individual, team and organisational levels

How? By supporting individuals, teams, and organisations in tough times and by empowering them to identify mental health issues before they arise. 

We believe in prevention as the best treatment for mental health, and so our approach always starts here.

Mental health can be a complicated world, but we’ll explain things clearly to help reframe problems.

No fancy words or confusing processes, just common sense answers that we’ve developed over years of experience working with companies to help them prevent mental health issues in the workplace.

We act fast and flexible when we see an opportunity to make a positive impact and gain valuable insights.

Whether it’s suggesting a small adjustment for a client, petitioning a government, or collaborating with a charity to raise awareness – it’s only through positive impact that real change can be achieved.


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We are a group of highly qualified psychologists with experience in public and private sectors, ready to make a change in Mental Health for business

Dr Melinda Rees

I'm Dr Melinda Rees, an Executive Leader in Healthcare and Consultant Clinical Psychologist with over 30 years experience in the NHS, the independent international healthcare sector and international charity sector.


Stuart John Chuan

I trained as a forensic psychologist and qualified 17 years ago. Since then I’ve worked in prisons, psychiatric hospitals and in various community based services such as probation, police, NHS and local authority. Naturally I thought working in a specialist bank was the logical next step!


Dr Stacey Hemmings

I am a chartered clinical psychologist with extensive experience across both NHS, voluntary and private healthcare services. 

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