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Let’s navigate mental 
health, together.


If businesses are investing more than ever in the mental health of their staff, why is it an increasing problem?

Recent reports show an increase in cost to business from poor mental health from £35bn to £45bn between 2016 and 2020. Deloitte

Recent research has shown that...


  1. Mental Health policies and approaches are reactive, not proactive and preventive.

  2. There is a gap between reality & expectations from management. 

  3. There is a lack of insight around current performance.

Amplify wants to work differently, for us Mental Health should be...

  • a priority

  • always preventive

  • always people-first

  • holistic

  • tackled safely and together


CEAG: Our preventative & holistic approach working at individual, team and organisational levels

We developed a methodology that defines our approach and services, adaptable for any business or scenario, designed to help your organization navigate the complexities of Mental Health.


Services that make sense.

We can adapt to any business needs or scenarios. Here are a few examples of specific services that we can offer:


Highly accessible appointments

We can provide easily accessible 1:1 appointments, both online and in person, to advise you on how to stay well or to address immediate concerns such as stress, sleep, relationships, concentration, anxiety, low mood, isolation or loneliness.


Bespoke long term support

We help businesses and individuals navigate situations where longer term support is required. We do this in a discrete and confidential manner.



We organise events and workshops around emotional wellbeing to help give people the skills and knowledge to stay well. Some of the topics we’ve covered are Staying Well when Working Remote, Resilience in Adversity and Alcohol and Substance Misuse.


Confidential Consultation

We provide confidential case consultation for HR professionals and managers, to help them understand why a manager or employee behaves the way they do in particular situations and what steps to take next. We also offer reflective practice groups for HR teams to help them to manage the emotional impact of their roles .


Analysis & Insights

In-depth and insightful reports on issues that are impacting the well-being of the workforce. This can help businesses make changes to things that employees find unhelpful.


In-house communications

We can help businesses support the right mental health culture and communicate it clearly to their employees.


A team of highly experienced psychologists


What our clients say

"I was super impressed and am really thankful that I got in touch and that this service was made available to me. It was all very easy and accessible which meant I have taken action much sooner than if this wasn't provided in-house. I feel like I have averted a future blow up by intervening now."

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Let’s navigate mental 
health, together.

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