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Our Insights


Mental health is an increasing source of  concern, worry and time for HR professionals and managers, who don’t feel they have the skills or knowledge needed to deal effectively with employee mental health difficulties whether anxiety, depression, or suicidality. 

Hidden need

48% of employees surveyed have reported experiencing a mental health problem at work (Mind, 2018). Despite this, very few employees  access help. This shows in the low level of mental  health related PMI claims and the low level of mental health related utilization of employee assistance programmes.

Leaders & Managers

Leaders and managers have multiple concerns about mental health. How to spot if a member of their team is struggling difficulty? How to have a conversation with someone about their mental health? How to manage reasonable adjustments for an employee with mental health difficulties? 

Knowing where to go

Simplicity is key, if employees don’t understand how to access help they won’t.  

Businesses are keen to act on mental health but often don't know where to go or what they need.


Business understand that the right culture round mental health means a happier, healthier, more engaged workforce. They know it  means a business that provides support without judgement. They don’t know how to make it happen. 

Help is at hand

Quick access to support improves outcomes, because people get help when they are motivated to change. We're on-site and on hand

Our Principles

Needs led

We combine our expertise in mental health our ability to deliver high quality services.  We don’t deliver pre-defined solutions. We work with businesses  to clearly understand their needs and then co-design the solution that will be most effective for them.


We maintain a constant presence on site because convenience and accessibility is key to engagement and utilisation.  Co-locating allows us to gain a deeper understanding of what the business needs to support its people and take the appropriate action, which are critical to achieving the right cultural .


Prevention and early intervention  is a key part of what we do, we don’t operate contracts focused only on delivering 1:1 treatment sessions.  It's better to teach people how to brush their teeth rather than go to the dentist when their teeth start to fall out.

High touch

A strong focus on expert clinical knowledge and great customer experience. We help you make sense of how you feel , how to stay well and how to navigate 

private and NHS mental health services.

What we do


Advice and signposting

On-site, phone or video calls with employees, leaders or HR, providing a one off or a small number of sessions focused on providing practical help. No problem is too small or too big. We encourage people to come and talk to us the earlier the better.


Containment and connection

Onsite service for all employees to talk in confidence if they are feeling stressed, anxious, low or overwhelmed. In only a few sessions we help employees make sense of their situation and get the right help, with that be equipping the employee improve their wellbeing or facilitating access  to longer term therapy.


Training and workshops

Our workshops help employees to become more emotionally resilient and equip leaders to support their people. We help organisations focus on early prevention, reducing stigma, improving personal confidence to supporting others and increasing productivity. 


Mental health promotion

We work with your business to develop reduce the stigma and myths that surround mental health. Only when mental health is as part of the everyday conversation as physical health people will feel more able to come forward and access the help they need. 

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