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Convenience of quick access to mental health expertise at work 

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Why if large businesses are investing more than ever in the mental health of their staff through EAP schemes, on site GP services, mental health first aiders, private medical insurance and onsite therapists is mental health an increasing problem for employees and the business? 

  1. HR and team managers were increasingly overwhelmed and worried about mental health problems in the business 

  2. Staff were only seeking support when they got to breaking 

  3. There were barriers to support - stigma, administrative hoops

  1. Many employees needed help to get them the right support.

  2. Managers and HR were dealing with situations that required clinical expertise?  

  3. HR and managers left trying to connect employees `to the right help

Clinical or Practitioner Psychologist

3+ days per week - London 

Circa £50,000 - £58,000  (pro rata) plus the opportunity to earn a bonus subject to individual performance

Opportunity to input to what staff benefits are chosen by the business going forward


About us

Amplify-yp aims to help businesses navigate the complicated world of mental health by providing expert, high quality, support to employees, managers/HR and the organisational system as a whole.


About the  job

In 2022 we will be expanding to serve a range of visionary companies who want to do more on mental health. This means we have an opportunity for an additional clinical/practitioner  psychologist to join our highly skilled, tight knit, diverse clinical team. The team is focused on providing in-house emotional and psychological wellbeing services to a range of clients. 


The role involves using higher order psychological skills for: 

  • 1:1 brief interventions supporting employees presenting with a wide and diverse range of issues, severity and complexity

  • Advising and consulting to managers, HR, teams and organisations on how best to support the emotional and psychological health of their employees

  • Delivering thought provoking interactive workshop events (this is an increasingly important part of our work) 

  • Working autonomously and being self-directed but with the support of a small team 

  • Being creative, using your initiative and problem solving (e.g. generating new ideas, developing materials,resources and online content)

  • Entrepreneurial thinking 

  • Being organised, efficient and thinking on your feet

  • Supervising trainee clinical psychologists on placement


About the work

The clinical work is akin to being an in-house emotional wellbeing consultant for our customer organisations. With the support of regular supervision, you'll be working with a range of clinical presentations from mild anxiety/low mood and relationship problems to addictions, suicidality, trauma and complex emotional and interpersonal difficulties. Whilst also consulting to managers and HR teams on mental health/wellbeing related issues. 


When it comes to 1;1 work you’ll see most people for a small number of sessions and most will be able to self-manage when sessions end. For others, you’ll support them to connect to ongoing support services (e.g., a formal course of talking therapy) as part of their recovery journey. We are not wedded to a particular therapeutic model but there are many systemic issues when working within and consulting to managers, HR and the wider organisation.

The varied nature of the work means that we welcome psychologists no matter what their previous professional contexts or clinical specialisms. 


About you: 

To try and ensure the best possible fit, we  have identified and defined 4 ability areas we think are key to thriving in our Amplify culture. We want to hear from you if you can: 


  1. Prioritise and multitask - within Amplify, people learn and maintain multiple roles

  2. Remain calm, and focused -  we are growing all the time, this means that as the Amplify adventure unfolds new opportunities and challenges arise. You should be able to navigate this. 

  3. Can be trusted to take responsibility for organising yourself and for the decisions you make - we need to be able to trust our people, this means they must be able to organise themselves, problem solve with a degree of autonomy and take responsibility for your actions

  4. Focus on the team - we fundamentally believe that our own personal success is contingent on the team and business flourishing. 


About the working environment

  • We operate using a mix of onsite (for our London based clients) and remote working depending on the needs of the host organisation we serve. 

  • If you join us 3 days per week this will be an onsite role based in the City of London. If you join us for more than 3 days then these could be remote. 

  • We have an efficient systems, and automate where we can to reduce the admin burden on you

  • There might be occasional travel to a satellite office outside of London, which rarely requires an overnight stay, and your travel and expenses will be covered.

  • We want you to help us innovate, so you will be involved in co-designing and creating our services and the wider business operations and culture



Contact us at We'd be happy to discuss the role with you and answer any questions.


If you want to apply, attach your CV and a brief statement about why you're a good fit for this role.

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