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You want to create the ideal environment & experience for your teams to perform their best for the company. We also know that Mental Health is a priority and that you want to make sure you choose the best, always.

Us too.

Together, we can prevent more. Together we can succeed in creating mental health solutions that work. They work because they are personal, smart and accessible.


We know that you care


Amplify offers...


  1. Quick access 1:1 support for employees in distress

  2. Advice for managers and people teams on complex situations 

  3. Mental health workshops

  4. Actionable data led insights

Amplify wants to work differently, for us Mental Health should be...

  • Accessible

  • Responsive

  • Personalised

  • Proactive and reactive

  • Tackled safely and together


We operate as a clinical team not as a group of individuals; this allows us to use our collective clinical skills and experience to make change in mental health for business.


Dr Melinda Rees

Melinda is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and healthcare executive with over 30 years experience in the NHS and independent international healthcare sector. Melinda acts as a strategic advisor for Amplify. Outside work Melinda is outnumbered in a busy family life with her husband and three sons; she prefers to relax in deserts; but in the UK loves mixing it up outside work with activities including spa days, open water swimming, tennis, yoga, boxing and cycling.


Stuart John Chuan

Stuart is the Amplify Clinical Director; he qualified as a forensic psychologist 20 years ago. Prior to Amplify Stuart worked in Clinical and Leadership positions in prisons and NHS services he is passionate about using data to make smarter clinical decisions. Outside of work Stuart juggles life with his wife and 2 young children. In a past life he played in a band with the bass player from Chesney Hawkes’s band and the drummer from The Magic Numbers! ‘So much compassion, that is something often missing’ “I really felt that it would be very difficult to find anything better”


Dr Stacey Hemmings

Stacey is a Clinical Psychologist with 11 + years experience in mental health; she leads on Clinical Operations for Amplify and works with the whole spectrum of workplace mental health presentations including addiction, perfectionism, burnout and impostor syndrome. Stacey relishes the challenge of making mental health part of the conversation even in the busiest of organisations. Outside work she is a keen photographer and avid cat enthusiast! “Dr Stacey helped me through a very difficult time and on top of it COVID happened. With the right questions and just being able to express myself with no judgement has been a breath of fresh air. I feel I am able to cope 100% better with the tools and advice given."


Dr Juspreet Dhanoa

Juspreet is a Clinical Psychologist with 15+ years of experience in mental health. As well as general adult mental health Juspreet has particular experience in trauma and in working with young people. Juspreet believes psychological help should be easy to access and should flex to fit each person; she is a strong advocate for the power of long walks and holidays in the sun; she prescribes both to herself regularly. “After speaking to Juspreet I felt at ease and less anxious. Juspreet gave a lot of excellent advice for myself & my daughter” “Juspreet has given me a safe space to talk and has asked objective questions that have really made me evaluate what I want now and in the future”


Together we can reduce the stress of caring about how you manage mental health.

Let’s navigate mental 
health, together.


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